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First Robert Westman
Second The Shadow Guard, the Rebels, Shadow Justice, Injustice Society
Third Veleno Serpente, Spotted Hyena, Eagle, Man of Sorrow, Emily Snow, The Hunter.
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Steelbone (real name Robert "Bo" Westman) is a fictional superhero and one of the main members of the Shadow Guard. He first appeared as Robert Westman in Black Wolf #189, and was later given his own series, Steelbone.


Robert was born in a small town the State. His parents were petty criminals, and after his father had committed murder, they moved from their hometown to The Capital, and joined a local mafia family, Serpente. However, Robert's parents were soon killed in a firefight with another family, and Robert decided to become a policeman to prevent this from happening to someone else. He graduated from the Capital Police Academy at the age of 20 and soon became one of the best policemen in the whole State. He was soon appointed as a bodyguard of the State President. But a secret group of conspirators, headed by Veleno Serpente, head of the Serpente family, planned and executed the assassination of the President. Robert was falsely charged with treason and murder and sentenced to death. Just before the execution, Robert agreed to convey his body for experiments.

Three years later Robert's body was reconstructed and added numerous mechanical parts, and after said reconstruction, Robert became a cyborg with a human brain. He was then brought back to life in order to take down the Serpente family. Robert soon discovered his ability to transform his arms into various firearms, as well as his superhuman speed, reflexes and strength. 

After his arrival to The Capital, Robert was sent after the legendary "Black Wolf", but in their fight Wolf revealed his intention on eliminating the family. Robert left Black Wolf and proceeded to fight the Serpente family, eventually facing off against Veleno himself. Robert was surrounded and almost killed with Veleno's EMP emitter, but the arrival of Black Wolf, the Bride and Noir Man saved him and allowed to capture Veleno. Steelbone was later betrayed by his boss, who intended to get rid of him once and for all. Steelbone killed his boss and joined the Shadow Guard.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Westman had no superpowers as a human, but after his reconstruction he gained several new abilities. He became very durable, being able to survive a direct hit of a tank shell. His strenght increased by 346%, allowing him to lift and move cars. His reflexes also improved. The main feature of his new body was a set of firearms hidden in his arms, which included a shotgun, a flamethrover, a machine gun, a grapnel gun and a grenade launcher.

Westman has great detective skills, and his mind is capable of thinking twice as fast as a normal human brain (almost matching Black Wolf). He received training in hand-to-hand and blade combat, and excelled in biology, chemistry and physics.

Westman's primary weakness is his vulnerabiliy to EMP and electrical attacks.