The Spotted Hyena
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First Drake Blowbound
Second The Resistance, Vile Pack
Third Black Wolf, Steelbone, Titanium Soldier, Justice Warrior, Jean-noir
Other attributes
Spotted Hyena (real name Drake W. Blowbound)  is one of Black Wolf's most recurring enemies, as well as a major Steelbone villain. He first appeared in Hyena in Sheep's Clothing story arc, and since then became one of the most popular villainis of Frightening World Comics.


Drake was born in the poor district of the Capital. His father was a drug dealer known to public as “Big Todd”. Big Todd killed his mother when he was drunk. Drake took after his father as a drug dealer, and he soon became one of the city’s most feared criminals thanks to the new drug he himself created.

Savannah – the drug – caused limitless addiction, but at the same time in enhanced strength (via heightening adrenaline production), reflexes, and stamina. However, it had numerous side effects: Drake was soon covered in wounds, and hair on the back of his neck grew longer than normal, giving him a mane. His teeth fell out, forcing him to wear a bear trap instead. At the same time, his face was spoiled by a tumor. Drake forced his personal doctor, Bryan “Alligator” Cornfield, to delete the tumor, but the operation went wrong. After firing Dr. Cornfield, Drake went insane and ordered a plastic surgery that made his face look like that of a hyena.

Adopting the name “Spotted Hyena”, Drake soon became one of the most powerful criminals and the main drug dealer in the Capital. He worked with Veleno Serpente to create Veleno’s Poison Gun. Black Wolf, who stopped him from dumping Savannah into the sewers, poisoning all water in the city with the drug and forcing the citizens to buy it from him, defeated Drake. Hyena was jailed, but soon managed to escape, threatening the Capital once again. Hyena’s intentions are never clear, and he often murders for fun. His plan of poisoning the city with his drug was for nothing but “entertainment”.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Spotted Hyena has no superpowers, except for unusually high strength, stamina and reflexes, as well as potential for limitless violence. His Savannah drug is his most powerful weapon. Another problem for anyone who attempts to fight Drake is his elusiveness and intimidating personality. His suit contains numerous hidden pockets filled with Savannah syringes. Much like Man of Sorrow, Blowbound relies heavily on his reputation. Hyena also has high pain tolerance. His major weakness is addiction to Savannah.