The Shadow Guard is an underground superhero organization in Frightening World Comics. Founded by Black Wolf, the organization includes most major heroes of the Frighteining Universe, one notable exception being the Detective.


  • Black Wolf is the founder of the Shadow Guard, its longerst-serving member, as well as its leader.
  • Steelbone is a cybernetical injustice fighter and a major member of the organization.
  • Le Jean-noir is a French crime fighter and another important member of the Shadow Guard.
  • White Wolf is Black Wolf's Beast Project brother and a former assassin.
  • Fearless is a samurai warrior that uses a katana and a suit of armor to fight injustice.
  • Titan is an armored hero. Once an office clerk, Titan was given access to a large suit of armor, "Atlas", armed with various firearms, as well as turbo trusters.
  • Kire Gold is an architect that built various major buildings in the Capital, and an important helper of the Shadow Guard.
  • Alexander Reaves is a businessman and the Shadow Guard's primary sponsor.
  • The Alligator is Spotted Hyena's former personal doctor, and a medic that works with the Shadow Guard, however he is not a permanent member.