Fearless (real name Hideo Yamao) is a Japanese sword master and a vigilante operating in the Capital. Originally a noble warrior fighting to avenge his family's death at the hands of the Yakuza, Fearless moved to the State in search for the yakuza leader, "The Shogun".


Hideo was born in a wealthy family in Japan. His father, Tojio, was a businessman and the head of Yamato Corp. Hideo's most memorable moment with his father was when Tojio showed his son a suit of samurai armor, calling it the armor of one of "the Fearless Samurai" who faught and defeated the legendary King of Oni. 

The Yamaos were a happy family, however their happiness would not last for long. As a weapons producer for police, Tojio became a target of a yakuza band known as "Ruy no Himei", headed by a criminal named "The Shogun". Tojio was abducted an subsequently beheaded by the Shogun himself. 

Hideo, with infinite hate for his father's killers, adopted a modified version of the Fearless Samurai, as well as the title "Fearless". Fighting members of Ruy no Himei, such as the Ronin, Onibaba, and Kuchisake Onna, Fearless finally learned of the Shogun's whereabouts: the villain was hiding in the State's Capital. Hideo moved there and then challenged the Shogun for a duel, only to be defeated, however the Shogun left him alive and told him that he would accept one more duel once Hideo becomes stronger.

In his quest for strength and sword mastery, Hideo encountered Black Wolf and was invited to the Shadow Guard.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hideo wears an unbreakable suit of samurai armor, a katana and a short suicide blade which he will use if he loses his next duel with the Shogun. His mastery in swordsmanship, as well as high stamina and reflexes, allows him to fight and defeat most enemies in a duel, the only known exceptions being the Titan and Black Wolf (their duel ended in a draw).  His helmet is equipped with sonar googles, NVD and binoculars, as well as a transmitter and hidden supply of oxygen. 

Fearless follows the Bushido, a samurai code of honor, meaning he never finishes off his enemies if they surrender.